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With our premium payments gateway, we facilitate and process Mobile Money transcations on behalf of our Telco partners, Utilities(Electricity, Pay TV & Water), Collections, Multiple/Bulk payments, Airtime Top ups and merchant Payments through API, USSD, Apps, Web, POS terminals and other user friendly modules.

Through research and innovation, we develop various solutions that guarantee quality and convenience for all customer payment requirements. We pride in supporting and enhancing businesses through development of customized financial and billing solutions for various entities including Banks, MFIs, SACCOs and other financial institutions, MNOs, SMEs among others.


Our services range from Mobile money transfers, Aggregation services, USSD hosting, Digital payments (proximity and remote), App development, SMSC Gateway, Multiple disbursements and collections on behalf of services providers through corporate and retail channels (agent networks).

Mobile Money

Our platform facilitates mobile money transactions on POS, APP and USSD. You can now perform all your Airtel money transactions today with Payvault.

Utilities & Collections

With Payvault, you can now pay for your TV, Electricity (UMEME) and water (NWSC) bills, buy YAKA, Top up your Airtime balance and lots more.

Merchant Payments

Pay vault offers merchants a secure channel that enables consumers to digitally pay for merchant services via USSD, App or web anywhere.

Bulk Payments

Our bulk disbursements solution enables a payer to make multiple payments directly into the recipients mobile wallets by click of a button.

Aggregation Services

We integrate different systems to bridge the gap and ease business operations. Such services include: Mobile banking, Interoperability etc..

USSD Hosting

We support clients with an interactive USSD solution that enables them to reach out to their customers and also target last mile mobile users on both inward and outward fronts.

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